9 creative photo ideas to try in December

9 creative photo ideas to try in December

04 Shoot an abstract image – then rotate it!


9 creative photo ideas to try in December: shoot an image - then rotate it

Looking for new ways to get creative with your shots? Try observing the world through your camera from 
an alternative angle, which will help you to create more abstract compositions.

“I wanted to make people question this picture [below],” says photographer Nils Riedweg. “The idea behind this shoot was that you can change the whole meaning of an image simply by rotating the scene.

I like to experiment with perspectives, picture language, lighting and post-processing. I love to make really special pictures out of ordinary things.”

Using only the ambient light, Nils was able to capture this shot using limited gear. “The pool was illuminated by natural light through the frosted glass windows, which provided the perfect lighting,” he says. 
“I used an 85mm f/1.8 fixed focal length lens on my Nikon D700, and that was it!”

Get started today…
* Keep things simple – plan your image and look for everyday places where you can stage your shoot. Outside spaces work well, so play around with what’s available in your local area.
* Use unusual props to add essential interest to the frame.
* Composition is key, so experiment. If you want your photo to include some context of the environment, include elements that suggest this. If you want your image to be completely abstract, crop out any familiar objects or distractions.

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PAGE 4: Shoot an abstract image – then rotate it!
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Break the rules of with white balance for abstract pictures
Get a killer shot out of nothing