ioShutter review: use your iPhone or iPad as a remote shutter release

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    ioShutter allows you to transform your iPhone or iPad device into a remote shutter release for your camera. But is it any good? Find out in our ioShutter review.

    ioShutter review: use your iPhone or iPad as a remote shutter release

    An ingenious take on a remote shutter release, ioShutter turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a remote for your SLR.

    In addition to single or continuous shooting modes, ioShutter can perform long exposures and time-lapse sequences, triggering the shutter upon a shake of your iPhone or a clap of your hands.

    It’s based on an app, so there’s scope for more functionality in future updates and the optional £6.99/$9.99 ’Pro’ app already contains more customisation capability.

    ioShutter review

    In the field, ioShutter performs flawlessly in every mode, but compatibility is currently restricted to most Canon and Pentax cameras, plus a few Samsung and Hasselblad models (a Nikon version is currently in development).

    However, such innovation comes at a high price. Wireless remotes can be bought for much less, and for the same money there’s stiff competition from fully-featured intervalometer triggers like the excellent Hähnel Giga T Pro II.

    SCORE: 4/5


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