Water photography: make stunning pictures of water in any environment

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    Set up your camera to photograph reflections


    Set up your camera to photograph reflections: step 1

    1 Choose your viewpoint
    Where you position the camera is critical for many reflections, so before you start, take your time to explore how the different viewpoints affect what is being reflected in the surface of the water.


    Set up your camera to photograph reflections: step 2

    2 Focus carefully
    Remember that the reflection is much further away from the camera than the surface of the water. So switch to manual focus and make sure that the camera is focused carefully on the reflection itself.


    Set up your camera to photograph reflections: step 3

    3 Get exposure right
    Reflections are often much darker than the subject being reflected. If you want to keep detail in both you should set the exposure so that the highlight detail is just visible in the lighter areas of the scene. Alternatively, use an ND grad filter to darken just the upper part of the scene.

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