Full frame sensor size explained: exploit its advantages for pro-quality pictures

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    How a full frame sensor affects your pictures


    The increased size of a full frame sensor affects the look of your photos in a number of subtle ways. It’s not just about megapixels!

    How a full frame sensor affects your pictures: image quality

    01 Image quality
    Full-frame photos tend to have better fine detail and dynamic range than images shot on a DX-format SLR. With the right subject and conditions, the quality advantage becomes obvious.


    How a full frame sensor affects your pictures: sense of depth

    02 A sense of depth
    The shallower depth of field you get when shooting with full frame cameras gives pictures a strong sense of depth. This can be a nuisance in landscape photography, when you want maximum depth of field.


    How a full frame sensor affects your pictures: low light photography

    03 Low light photography
    If the megapixels are the same, a full frame camera will deliver better results at high ISO settings. A camera like the Nikon D4’s performance is staggering. You have to blow the images up a long way before ISO noise becomes visible.

    Why big photosites are better


    Your full frame sensor’s photosites are the key to its performance and the quality of your pictures. Click on our infographic below to expand the file and learn why big photosites are better…

    Full frame sensors: why big photosites are better

    PAGE 1: What is full frame?
    PAGE 2: Lens loyalties with full frame
    PAGE 3: Why the depth of field is different
    PAGE 4: How to shoot with a full frame sensor
    PAGE 5: How a full frame sensor affects your pictures
    PAGE 6: Pros and cons of using a full frame sensor


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