6 custom functions you should know by heart

6 custom functions you should know by heart

6 custom functions you should know by heart

Modern DSLRs come with a bewildering array of options to tweak settings. But which of these are safe and sensible to alter? Here are six great custom functions found on most cameras that you should learn how to use.

Custom functions: Keep the noise down

01 Keep the noise down
Most SLRs come set up to beep every time the autofocus locks on. The sound is irritating – and it’s unnecessary as a light in the viewfinder will give you the same information.


Best custom functions: maximise sensitivity

02 Maximise sensitivity
Canon SLRs only enable you to use the highest ISO settings if you enable ‘ISO Expansion’. Without a tripod, or with moving subjects, these extreme settings are invaluable in low light.


Best custom functions: move up the scale

03 Move up the scale
Moving speedily through the ISO ratings can take ages if you creep up a third of a stop at a time, as some SLRs allow. Switch to one-stop steps for quicker camera operation.


Best custom functions: stop the strobing

04 Stop the strobing
In low light, many SLRs will strobe the flash to help the camera lock onto the target – in many situations this will irritate your subject, and will often mean you lose the picture.


Best custom functions: reorder the sequence

05 Reorder the sequence
Auto bracketing takes a sequence of shots at different exposures. Most SLRs take the middle brightness first. Starting with the darkest version makes it easier when reviewing shots.


Best custom functions: fine tune your AF

06 Fine-tune your AF
Many lenses will give you sharper pictures if you fine-tune the autofocus system to work with them better. This microfocus adjustment – if your SLR has it – does the job.


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