DIY Photography: Homemade Autochrome Camera

    | Inspire | 17/11/2012 05:00am

    If you really want to get experimental with photography, you could always try what photographer Dominique Vankan did and build yourself a custom large format camera. What were his building blocks of choice? His somewhat questionable choices were LEGO, cardboard, and duct tape.

    Vankan’s motivation behind this unusual photography project was his interest in the old Autochrome Lumiere process from the early 1900s; the first colour photography process.

    Some of the results from Vankan’s fully functional homemade camera are featured below, but you can see more of them at Vankan’s Flickr set.

    DIY photography: Lego camera

    DIY photography: Lego camera

    Via PetaPixel,  via Make 
    Source: The Autochrome Project 


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