DIY Photography Hacks: 4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry

4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry: make a DIY rain guard

Whether you’re shooting in the rain or taking pictures of the sea, water can cause all sorts of problems for your camera. In our latest DIY Photography Hacks series post we show you 4 simple ways you can keep your camera dry and keep on shooting through any adverse conditions. First we offer two DIY photography options, and then we suggest two budget camera accessories that can also do the job at little cost. We’ve also included a short video of all these bad weather photography tips in action.

DIY Photography Hacks: 4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry

From rain or mist, to spray from the sea or waterfalls, there’s often a danger of water getting onto, or even into, your camera or lens. But there’s no need to miss out on photo opportunities by becoming a fair-weather photographer.

In extreme conditions, you could protect your camera with a fully waterproof housing made for underwater photography, but these are pricey, bulky and a bit over the top if you just want to get a few shots when the weather turns.

So, below are four simple and cheap ways to protect your camera in most shooting conditions, from DIY photography ideas like simply covering the camera with an umbrella or plastic bag, to a full rain cover designed specifically for the job.

Even when using a rain cover to protect your kit, there are still a few things to watch out for. If the cover has openings to allow you to carry on shooting, there’s still a danger of spray or rain getting on the front of the lens or filter.

It’s also possible for condensation to form inside the cover, especially if you need to put your hands inside it to operate the camera.

4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry: make a DIY rain guard

Make a DIY rain guard
It may not look very professional, but a simple plastic bag can work well as a temporary rain cover. Large food storage bags are ideal for this, as unlike some bags, they don’t have holes that will let the water in. Just don’t expect to maintain easy access to the camera controls.

4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry: hold an umbrella

Hold an umbrella
Another good DIY photography approach is to simply use an umbrella to protect your camera and lens. Now, there’s some difference of opinion on how far to go with using an umbrella, but they are an effective way of staying dry. It’s not much use against spray, or in windy conditions, but it’s perfect if you are shooting in showery conditions as a quick and easy way to keep the rain away from your kit.

4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry: buy a budget rain cover

Buy a budget rain cover
While these simple rain covers look a bit like an over-sized plastic bag, they do offer real advantages over the DIY approach. There’s a drawstring opening for your lens, and just enough room to still access the camera’s controls, plus they only cost around £6 for a pack of two.

4 inexpensive ways to keep your camera dry: try a pro cover

Try a pro cover instead
Costing around £40 or more, these covers offer a more durable, versatile and practical solution. Some have sleeves allowing access to the camera’s controls, so are perfect if you want to keep shooting in all conditions, but you still need to watch out for spray hitting your lens.

See our four camera tips in action! We put together the short video below to better illustrate how simple these methods really are.


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