Better pictures of fog and mist: how to add intrigue to an everyday landscape

Better pictures of fog and mist: the landscape photographer's guide to adding intrigue

Shoot mist at sunrise for extra impact


Shoot mist at sunrise for extra impact

Give your misty shots a boost of warm colour by shooting towards the sun to create a dramatic orange glow when all the suspended water droplets are illuminated by the early sunlight. For this to work well, the mist needs to be thin.

Find an elevated point looking towards the rising sun and get set up at dawn so that you are prepared to shoot as soon as the first sunlight begins to backlight the mist.

The colour is most intense just after sunrise and may only last for ten minutes.

If there is a prominent feature such as a lone tree in the misty landscape, fit a long telephoto lens to isolate it and under-expose by setting Exposure Compensation to -2 or -3 to throw the main subject into silhouette.

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  • Have just come across this article, might have some potential for fog on an engagement shoot I’m doing at the weekend so these tips will come in really handy :)