Photography websites: the secret to making a photo blog everyone will read

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    How to Make Popular Photography Websites: the best free blog themes for photographers

    You should look out for blog themes that will display your images in the best way possible on your photography website, and it’s also important to think about those which make your home page look inviting – after all that’s where the majority of your visitors will land when they come to your website.

    We’ve taken the hard work away from you and found nine of the best free blog themes currently available for free WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. If you’ve got any top recommendations for free blog themes, let us know in the comments box!

    Free WordPress blog themes

    You’ll find all of the below themes from the Theme selector in WordPress.

    The best free blog themes for photography websites: WordPress - Mixfolio

    Specifically designed with photographers in mind, Mixfolio’s homepage displays images in an attractive grid style format, making it perfect for portfolios. Individual posts can be styled in a gallery, slideshow or standard format with images aligned. Images are displayed fairly large, giving them plenty of room to be displayed well.


    The best free blog themes for photography websites: WordPress - Modularity Lite

    Modularity Lite
    This is a minimalist theme, with a black background which will really make your images pop. This is best for those photographers who don’t want to include too many words with their posts, since white writing on a black background can be difficult to read for some. You have the option to choose a custom header at the top of the page, and a custom background, so you could really personalise this theme to suit your needs.


    The best free blog themes for photography websites: WordPress - Twenty Twelve

    Twenty Twelve
    This is a good compromise between those themes that look great for photographs, and those that look good for words. There’s good reason why this is one of’s most popular themes, it’s simple and elegant and will show off your photographs well while also giving plenty of options for your writing too.

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