Photography websites: the secret to making a photo blog everyone will read

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    Free photography websites: Tumblr

    More of  a quick-fire blogging platform than the others, Tumblr is especially good if you want to post very regularly, such as daily or a few times a week. You can quickly add different types of post, such as a photo, quote, or link.

    There’s a fairly good range of themes which you can use to personalise your blog, though some of the best ones are premium themes which need to be paid for.

    Tumblr is good for customisation as you can change parameters such as your  blog’s colours, and if you’re familiar with HTML, you can apply it here too.

    Our Photography Week blog uses Tumblr as its platform, giving you a good idea of what you can achieve with your own site.


    Free photography websites: Jux

    One of the newest blogging platforms available, Jux utilises HMTL5 to create fantastic looking websites without the need for complicated customisation or hundreds of themes to choose from.

    If you just want something simple, which looks great, then Jux is a good starting place. One of the best things about Jux, for photographers, is that images take priority and can be displayed the whole width of the screen, if you want them to.

    Photographers will also likely be interested in the Slideshow feature if you have several photos on the same theme. Jux websites look fantastic on iPhone and iPad as well – more devices will be compatible soon.

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