Composite images: why Elements won’t let you be defeated by contrast

Raw composite images: don't be defeated by contrast just because you have Elements

Make a mask in Elements


Photoshop Tips: layer mask views

You can mask image layers in Elements using the mask attached to an adjustment layer.

Add an adjustment layer such as Levels that doesn’t apply an adjustment automatically, and OK the dialog without changing any settings.

Drag this layer below the layer you want to mask, and [Alt]/[Option]-click the line between the two layers. The adjustment layer’s mask now affects the layer above it.

Other options
This is a fairly basic example of how to combine raw edits – once you understand the basic principles, you can adapt the technique for other shots with localised contrast or exposure problems.

You can fine-tune this image by editing the masks further: you could, for example, paint over different parts of the subject with black, white or different shades of grey to reveal the optimal exposures for the shirt, hair and so on; you could even produce a third exposure optimised for the subject herself, add it to the image as a new layer, and mask the layer to reveal the subject.


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