Tethered shooting: fire your camera remotely using your computer

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    Tethered shooting enables you to control your camera directly from a PC or Mac and to download images automatically while you’re shooting. Software for tethered shooting and raw format editing is included free with all Canon SLRs, whereas Nikon charges extra.

    To enable tethered shooting, you’ll need to install the appropriate software on your computer, then connect your camera to your computer via the supplied USB cable – or via a wireless transmitter if your camera has this feature, thereby avoiding trailing wires.

    The step-by-step tutorial below shows how it’s done with a Canon 550D, but the principles are the same for other camera makes and models.

    How to set up tethered shooting: step 1

    1 Get connected
    Connect the camera and computer with a USB cable and run the software. Click the option for Camera settings/Remote shooting.


    How to set up tethered shooting: step 2

    2 Choose settings
    The main interface enables control of a range of settings such as flash, shutter speed and aperture, as well as interval timer shooting.


    How to set up tethered shooting: step 3

    3 Take a test shot
    The software enables you to take a quick test shot for previewing on your monitor, but live view is a better option, if your camera has it.


    How to set up tethered shooting: step 4

    4 Shoot and download
    Once you’re happy with all your settings, go back to the main shooting panel on the right and simply click the on-screen shutter button.


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