Underwater dogs: Photography by Seth Casteel

    | News | 08/11/2012 18:00pm

    When photographer Seth Casteel embarked (excuse the pun!) on a series of photographs featuring dogs jumping into a swimming pool, no one could have anticipated the viral explosion that ensued; least of all Seth himself!

    Seth’s unique dog portraits soon spread like wildfire around the internet and brought hundreds of thousands more visitors to his website. He was soon inundated with print orders and media queries from around the world. His series of photos entitled ‘Underwater Dogs’ became an overnight success – any photographer’s dream! From this Seth has become one of the most published pet photographers in the world.

    The latest in Seth’s endeavours is a new book, which looks to follow the success of his work online. His book Underwater Dogs, published only recently, as already a New York Times best seller! It features dozens more photos not found on the Internet of Seth’s four-legged underwater models, from small puppies, to even a wolf!

    Sold? You can order the book here.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Seth, his photography, and how in the world he got started in such a unique area of photography, the folks over at Photography Week have interviewed him in Issue 7, which gives a nice, personal insight into Seth’s personality and his life.

    Ordered the book and can’t wait to get your hands on it? These fantastic shots from the series should keep you going in the meantime!

    Seth Casteel: Underwater Dogs

    Seth Casteel: Underwater Dogs

    Seth Casteel: Underwater Dogs

    Seth Casteel: Underwater Dogs

    Seth Casteel: Underwater Dogs


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