Expose to the right: the camera technique every landscape photographer must know

Expose to the right: the one camera technique every photographer must know

The last step


Once you have your correctly overexposed images they may need to be adjusted to get them looking as you want.

The last step in exposing to the right


You can use your preferred editor or raw file converter to darken the image, but keep an eye on the histogram as you do it so you understand how the adjustments change the graph.

The last step in exposing to the right


Most scenes have at least some black areas, so the histogram trace should reach both the far right and left points of the graph, but its more important that the image looks correct rather than the histogram adheres to this guide.

PAGE 1: Why should I expose to the right?
PAGE 2: Important highlights
PAGE 3: Using your histogram to expose to the right
PAGE 4: How to expose to the right
PAGE 5: The last step


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  • Per Mare Per Terram

    I heard of this technique on a one-day landscape photography course but it was lost in the mass of other detail. Thanks for covering it here and explaining it so clearly. I’ve got it now.