DIY Photography Hacks: 6 quick fixes that will save your shoot in an emergency

DIY Photography Hacks: make an emergency lens hood

In the latest installment of our DIY Photography Hacks series, we show you six ways to keep shooting when the worst happens. Our emergency camera tricks will help rescue your shoot so you don’t go home empty-handed.


When you’re on a trip of a lifetime, damaging your camera or accessories could bring your photographic experience to an abrupt halt. So what do you do if you drop a lens, for example, while you’re away from home and don’t have a replacement?

Make sure you’re prepared for the worst when you’re out and about and you won’t have to down tools and walk away from that perfect photo opportunity. Here, I’ll show you what to pack in your camera survival kit so you can carry out minor repairs in an instant.

DIY Photography Hacks: fix a lens housing

Dropping and damaging a lens can be devastating. If the optics are fine, chances are the plastic housing isn’t! Fear not, what looks like a dead lens can be patched up.


DIY Photography Hacks: use Gaffa tape

Handy tape trick
Always keep gaffa tape handy. Free up space in your bag by wrapping strips around the legs of your tripod, which you can unravel and use when needed.


DIY Photography Hacks: use Gaffa tape

Stick with it
Gaffa tape is waterproof, so using it to repair this broken lens collar is no problem. Here, we’ve ripped the tape in half, so it doesn’t make a mess of the focusing ring. Always use black (not coloured) gaffa tape so it blends into your camera and minimises reflections in sunlight – especially if you’re repairing a lens hood.


DIY Photography Hacks: make an emergency lens hood

Back in the hood
Pack a few pieces of self-adhesive Velcro and some thin black foam in your kit bag and you can make an emergency lens hood you can use to replace a broken one.


DIY Photography Hacks: carry a screwdriver

Carry a screwdriver
Screws can come loose on well-used lens mounts. A good quality, small spectacle, cross-point style screwdriver is perfect for tightening them back into place.


DIY Photography Hacks: carry the essentials with you at all times

Kit bag essentials
Carrying a few essentials in your kit bag – Gaffa tape, Velcro, electrical tape, a small screwdriver, a multi-tool and some dark card or black foam – will pay dividends.


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