A Viewfinder To A Kill: Terry O’Neill, official James Bond photographer

By Terry O'Neill

Chances are you have heard of photographer Terry O’Neill (and if you haven’t, where have you been?). One of the world’s most famous photographers, during his long-standing career O’Neill has photographed high-profile celebrities such as The Beatles, Clint Eastwood, Frank Sinatra, and Elton John amongst others.

But he has also made a name for himself in quite a niche area that no other celebrity photographers can boast about; O’Neill has a licence to shoot… any actor that plays James Bond.

From Connery to Craig, O’Neill has shot them all (photographically speaking, of course). In fact it’s not just the Bonds that he has photographed, but the Bond girls too. O’Neill’s photographic 007 portfolio is extensive, and not only includes official press pictures, but candid and genuine behind-the-scenes shots too.

This autumn sees Ian Fleming’s fictional British spy celebrate his 50th year on the big screen, and he’s still going strong with new movie Skyfall out now.

It seems an apt time then for O’Neill to bring out his latest book All About Bond, which features promotional shots and behind-the-scenes images from a number of Bond films.

He’s shared some of his favourite Bond pictures with us, including some behind-the-scenes shots that you might not expect!

If you’re curious to know what shooting behind the scenes of a 007 film was really like, our friends at Photography Week magazine have an interview Terry O’Neill in their latest issue. If you have an iPad you can get hold of Issue 6 at the following links (you can download five issues for free):

Based in the UK? Get five free issues of Photography Week here
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All About Bond: Photographs by Terry O’Neill, is on show at the Proud Galleries in London until 4 November. The accompanying book is out now (Evans Mitchell, £29.95). To see more or Terry’s images visit terryo.co.uk.


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