9 creative photo ideas to try in November


08 Shoot an environmental portrait of a professional at work


Photo Ideas: Shoot an environmental portrait of a professional at work

Commercial location photographer Ian Aitken took this image as part of a series for a client. 
“I took this photograph using a simple lighting set-up,” he reveals.

“By using a one light set-up with a portable softbox I was able to produce a flat, head-on light. When taking pictures of people you don’t want them to feel bewildered, so by using just one light I could get better, more natural, results.”

As this image was part of a series it was important for Ian to get consistent results.

“I lit all the portraits in exactly the same way and set the aperture to f/8. This ensured the background and subject remained sharp. The background is just as important as the subject, as it reveals something about their trade.

For each subject I got them to hold what they produce, and to look directly into the lens.”

Get started today…

  •  Use one light source. If you don’t have a softbox to fit over your flashlight you can use an elastic band and some greaseproof paper to diffuse the light.
  •  Be sure to include some important background details to contextualise the worker within their working environment.
  •  If you’re shooting a series, keep lighting consistent and set the aperture to f/8 throughout.

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