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06 Shoot seascapes at twilight


Photo Ideas: Shoot seascapes at twilight

Twilight is the perfect time to shoot cool-toned long exposure pictures of the sea. Travel and outdoor lifestyle photographer Julian Love found this inspiring view one evening when returning from another photo shoot on the Isles of Scilly.

Using a 24-105mm lens at the longest focal length of 105mm, Julian came in tight with the composition of this scene.

“I saw the boat in the foreground and placed it a third of the way into the frame. I also used the islands behind to make a pleasing composition,” he says.

“The mirror reflection between the blue calm sea and the cloudless twilight sky also works well. The conditions were calm on this September evening and the composition of this shot would not have worked so well had there been lots of clouds and distracting colours in the sky. The water has a glass-like appearance.”

To ‘stop down’ the light in the sky, Julian used a one-stop graduated ND filter. “The sky was brighter than the sea and I wanted them balanced in the exposure.

“Landscape photography is all about light and how you react to it. This is why you should shoot in the changing light hours. The last light of the day will provide cool-toned twilight images, so it’s worth staying out that bit later.”

Get started today…

  •  To ensure adequate depth of field, set the aperture to around f/11 or smaller, and use a tripod, as the shutter will need to be kept open for a few seconds in low-light conditions.
  •  Use your camera’s Mirror Lock-up function and a cable release to avoid vibrations.
  •  If there are no clouds in the sky, try composing the shot so that the horizon 
sits exactly half-way up the frame.

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