9 creative photo ideas to try in November


05 Shoot underground!


Photo Ideas: Shoot underground!

For the photographer who craves adventure, an underground cave shoot 
is a challenging but exciting option. There are obvious complications to get around, and the first thing you have to think about is fully protecting your equipment.

“I use Peli Cases and white plastic drums,” says adventure photographer Robbie Shone. “Each are robust and hard-wearing, with ‘O’-ring seals to help keep the water out.”

You’ll also need to use flashlight when lighting the scene, because there won’t be any ambient light in the caves apart from light from the torch on your head. Of course, if you don’t want to head into the depths of a cave system, you can sometimes still get great results by shooting at or near the entrance.

Robbie took the image below looking out from a mega-doline (sinkhole) using a simple set-up. “I used a wide-angle 10-22mm lens and a tripod,” he says. “It’s important to expose the scene for the green foliage coming through in the background and be careful not to over- expose the highlights at the back.”

You should also look for subjects you can silhouette, like the caver on the rock here.

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