9 creative photo ideas to try in November


04 Shoot astrophotography


Photo Ideas: Shoot astrophotography

To go beyond the boundaries of our atmosphere means you’re going to need a telescope and a camera mount to attach your DSLR. Beginner models start at around £100, but if you want something more advanced, be prepared to pay for it.

If you’re not interested in going beyond the edge of our planet, you can capture some spectacular star-trail images with your standard equipment. Make sure you head away from the bright city lights and into a rural location to get the best results.

The image above was taken by last year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year winner, Marco Lorenzi, and shows the intricate structure of the aftermath 
of a supernova explosion.

Get started today…

  •  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and pick a clear night to shoot.
  •  Pack a sturdy tripod. You’ll need to shoot using long exposure times, so the sturdier the support the better.
  •  Go to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year website for more info on the competition and exhibition, plus more photography tips.

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