9 creative photo ideas to try in November


03 Shoot abstract interiors


Photo Ideas: Shoot abstract interiors

Using only the ambient light, photographer Louise Carreck took this image at a modern art gallery in Madrid. By setting an aperture of f/2.8, Louise was able to shoot handheld.

“If you have a fast lens you can shoot without having to use a tripod or extra equipment,” she says.

“Think about the lighting. If the space is really dark you may need to bounce some flash into it to bring out the detail. Look for spaces that have no clutter and use leading lines to draw the eye through the image. I was able to stand above the stairs to get this view,” she reveals.

“Think about things that are in the way that you might not notice, but will make your interior photography look messy – for example, electricity cables or a bin.”

Get started today…  

  •  Visit local art galleries and museums, as they are full of interesting spaces.
  •  Think about shooting from alternative angles. Composing the shot from above or below often works well.

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