Composing pictures with foreground interest: simple ways to draw in the eye

Composing pictures with foreground interest: simple ways to draw in the eye

Final tips for composing pictures with better foreground interest


Landscape Photography Tips: foreground

Learn from others
Study the images taken by your favourite photographers and try to work out which are the compositional elements that make them stand out.

Try vertical stitching
Try stitching several vertical frames together to create a horizontal one. Apart from the obvious increase in resolution,  the biggest advantage is that you can overcome the limits imposed by your camera gear, such as the sensor shape and size, the focal length of your lenses and their field of view.

Know your location
To understand how the light falls on a scene, you may need to return to it several times. “If the place is not too far away, I keep going there until I find the best conditions, looking for that moment when I feel I got to the right place at the right time,” says De Faveri.

It’s not just about boulders and streams
Remember that people and animals can also add significant foreground interest, particularly in context against the landscape.

Use your imagination
Keep walking and exploring – don’t just pick the most obvious foreground element, such as wet boulders on the beach. It’s a real cliché.

PAGE 1: What is foreground interest?
PAGE 2: Set up your camera to create depth
PAGE 3: Final tips for composing pictures with foreground interest


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