How to set up a tripod for any type of shot

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    Have you bought a new tripod with features you’ve used before? If pivoting centre columns and multi-angle legs are new to you, our quick guide to how to set up a tripod will have you ready to start shooting in no time.

    Gone are the old days when a tripod was just three legs with a head for your camera stuck on the top. Many of the latest models have a large number of features that can seem a bit confusing at first.

    However, using a tripod can add enormous versatility to your shooting, and enable you to react quickly to changing set-up requirements.

    Manfrotto tripods often have a pivoting centre column that you can use in either regular upright orientation or as a horizontal boom.

    Makes such as Benro, Giottos and Vanguard, meanwhile, offer a full 180° pivot facility, so you can use the centre column at almost any angle.

    How to set up a tripod for any type of shot: clear obstacles

    1 Clear obstacles
    The ability to swing legs out at angles is useful on uneven terrain or around obstacles, and it’s also handy for low-level shooting.


    How to set up a tripod for any type of shot: ultra-wide shooting

    2 Ultra-wide shooting
    It’s easy for tripod legs to creep into the frame if using an ultra-wide lens. Rotate the centre column to extend the camera forwards.


    How to set up a tripod for any type of shot: macro photography

    3 Macro shots
    Close-up shots are easier when you use the centre column as a boom. Hang a weight off the tripod to help stop it toppling over.


    How to set up a tripod for any type of shot: ground-level

    4 Get grounded
    For ground-level shots, pivot the centre column 180°. If you lack this feature, you can usually remove and invert the centre column.


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