Building photography: tips for pro results without the specialist gear

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    Building photography tips you need to remember


    How to set up your camera to shoot pictures of buildings both old and new

    Build a sense of place
    Capture a variety of images, but always start off with the building or structure in its surroundings. When shooting 
a bridge, for example, the river needs to be seen flowing underneath. If there are grounds or a courtyard, then start by capturing a situational image to give a sense of place.

    Always look up
    Work towards the subject using wide-angle and zoom lenses. Remember, shooting upwards will give a sense of power to the subject, but don’t get too close. A 45° angle is perfect for this, and you can also use symmetry 
to your advantage.

    Shoot abstract images
    Get creative by using wide-angle lenses to pull and stretch the image into shape. This technique works particularly well for interiors, so choose a pillar or a ceiling and make a dynamic picture by distorting the shot in a harmonious way.

    Turn the camera
    Don’t just stick to landscape or portrait framing – try angling the camera for original takes on well-photographed scenes. It’s easy to get caught up in the mathematics of architectural framing, so ditch the rule book and angle the shot into place.

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    PAGE 2: Set up your camera correctly for building photography
    PAGE 3: Get creative with filters
    PAGE 4: Building photography tips you need to remember


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