Building photography: tips for pro results without the specialist gear

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    Get creative with filters


    Simple filters can give your building photography a professional finish. Here’s how…

    Try using filters when shooting urban subjects. The first photo pictured right was taken in early evening light.

    Building photography tips: use a polariser

    With a polarising filter

    Once the abstract composition was finalised, the photographer simply waited for complementary clouds to appear above the building. A polarising filter was used to eliminate reflections and increase the contrast between the sky and clouds.

    Building photography tips: use a 10-stop ND filter

    With a 10-stop ND filter

    For the above image, a 10-stop Neutral Density (ND) filter was used to slow the shutter speed enough to turn the fluffy clouds moving overhead into a smooth blur.

    The softness of the clouds adds emphasis to the building, greatly increasing the sharpness and linear feel.

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    PAGE 2: Set up your camera correctly for building photography
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