Landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

Shoot like a pro: landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

Shoot a composite image


Landscape photo ideas: shoot a composite image

Just because your camera is set up to take one shot at a time doesn’t mean that shooting one image is the only way to capture a landscape.

You can always take a whole series of images and then combine them together on a single canvas to give a multi-layered view of the scene.

When shooting images for this technique, rather than keeping everything sharp and using a wide-angle lens, try shooting with a focal length of between 40mm to 70mm and pick out individual elements in the scene.

Using a wide aperture such as f/4 to give shallow depth of field will help you to isolate foreground features in some of your shots.

It’s worth shooting more images than you think you might need, and also overlapping them so you have plenty of options when you come to combine them later on.

On the next page we’ll show you step-by-step how to combine your images using Photoshop Elements.

PAGE 1: Use a telephoto lens
PAGE 2: Shoot at half-light
PAGE 3: Use man-made features
PAGE 4: Shoot a composite image
PAGE 5: How to combine photos in Photoshop Elements


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