Landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

Shoot like a pro: landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

Use man-made features


Landscape photo ideas: use man-made subjects

Finding locations without any signs 
of human life is the classic aim of most landscape photographers, or even going to the extreme of cloning out elements such as telegraph poles or even whole buildings.

But in most photo locations you’ll find this increasingly hard, so why not use such elements as part of the picture?

We’re not talking about the classic picturesque buildings such as a ruined castle or dry-stone wall, but the modern tarmac and concrete that is increasingly encroaching on the landscape.

Roads or power lines disappearing off into the distance can give a great sense of scale and depth to your photographs, while you can also use things like barbed wire or gates as a contrast to the beauty of the wider landscape around them.

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