Nissin MF18 Macro 
RingFlash review

Nissin MF18 Macro 
RingFlash review

Nissin MF18 RingFlash review

An alternative to the macro ringflashes made by major manufacturers, this model allows the light from each of its sides to be controlled independently.

It offers a guide number (GN) of 16m at ISO100, and is compatible with Nikon, Canon and Sony TTL metering algorithms, and provides support for wireless shooting by acting as a master to a number of slaves.

Nissin has also thrown in six adapter rings for use with different lenses as standard, although its USP is its Fine Macro function, which allows output to be adjusted from 1/128 to 1/1024 in 1/6 EV steps.

Users of Nissin’s more conventional flash units should find the rear of the model familiar, with its colourful graphic user interface and simple four-way pad.

The unit itself is only a shade smaller than an entry-level flashgun, although the LCD screen, being only slightly larger than a postage stamp, could be bigger.

Despite its all-plastic construction, the unit’s overall build quality is impressive, with a metal hotshoe at its base and no creaking under pressure or any noticeable weaker parts.

The flash locks into position with a ridged locking wheel, and you can quickly switch control between the ring’s left and right section.

Operation is straightforward enough, and much can be worked out without recourse to the manual. Recycling times are excellent, and operation is essentially silent. The only sticking point is with responsiveness, with faster button presses sometimes not always registering.

Price: £300

SCORE: 3/5