People photography: composition tips for shooting any portrait style

People photography: composition tips for the versatile portrait photographer

Using the sky as a background


People photography tips: using the sky as a background

We mentioned earlier that portraits shot from below are seldom flattering, but sometimes you need to make exceptions.

To get rid of unwanted members of the public wandering around in the background, our only choice on this portrait was to shoot upwards towards the sky.

The distortion isn’t too bad because our subject’s face is comparatively small and distant in the frame.

Skies offer good backgrounds for more imposing portraits, but it needs to be a blue sky on a sunny day – overcast skies will be too bright relative to the subject.

Watch that eye contact, too. In shots like this you want your subject gazing meaningfully off into the distance.

If they’re looking at the camera, it can look as if they’re wondering why the photographer’s lying on the ground…

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PAGE 6: Using the sky as a background
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