People photography: composition tips for shooting any portrait style

People photography: composition tips for the versatile portrait photographer

Set up a home studio for people photography


Set up a studio at home to shoot people photography

It’s not difficult to set up a mini-studio in your own home, and it doesn’t need to be a permanent installation, either.

All you need is a selection of backdrops you can hang behind your sitters (curtains are easier and cheaper than proper studio backdrops) and a single lamp.

This can be a tungsten lamp or a flash. Two lamps are better still, but they need a little more experience to set up.

Then just use a reflector to shine light into the shadowed side of your subject’s face. Specially designed reflective discs are easiest to use, but a big sheet of white card is just as effective.

In controlled conditions such as these, you can now fully explore different compositional arrangements, and in particular, how lines (arms, lines of sight) can affect the results of your people photography shoot.

PAGE 1: How to hold the camera
PAGE 2: Set up a home studio for people photography
PAGE 3: Direction of gaze
PAGE 4: What are you looking at?
PAGE 5: Find the right background for your people photography
PAGE 6: Using the sky as a background
PAGE 7: Composing light and dark elements


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