7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own

7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own: close-up lenses

Best cheap photo accessories: Spirit level; Flash trigger; Monopod


Best cheap photo accessories: spirit level

Spirit level
This simple accessory can transform your hit rate when it comes to getting your horizons straight.

Although many tripods have a spirit level built-in, it’s easier to see this one because it slots into the hotshoe of your camera.


Home photo studio accessories: use a wireless flash trigger

Flash trigger
Once you’ve got yourself a flashgun you can start experimenting with off-camera flash techniques. Wireless triggers start at around £30, allowing you to fire a flashgun away from the camera.

At this price you’ll have to work out the exposure manually, so it’s best to get to grips with how to work your flashgun on-camera first.


How to use a monopod

Monopods offer a handy way of steadying your camera without having to set up a tripod, which is especially useful for sports and wildlife photography, where you need to be able to move the camera quickly.

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