7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own

7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own: close-up lenses

Best cheap photo accessories: Extension tubes


The best way to set up your camera for macro photography

Like close-up lenses, extension tubes enable you to shoot macro images with your existing lens. The tubes fit in between the lens and your camera body.

The lens mounts of most DSLRs contain loads of electronic connections, which means that the extension tubes also need to contain these connections for the camera to work correctly.

These fully automatic extension tubes are mostly priced above our £100 limit, but there are sets for Nikon and Canon available from Premier Ink Supplies and Firstcall Photographic for just under £90.

There are much cheaper extension tubes available that don’t have these connections, but they will be of very limited use on most DSLRs.

On Canon cameras they will only work at the maximum aperture, while on most Nikon lenses and bodies, only the smallest aperture will work. The metering will also be disabled with the extension tubes in place.

The exceptions to this rule are the Nikon DSLRs from the Nikon D7000 or above, and Pentax DSLRs.

If you have a lens from these brands that has a traditional aperture ring, you can buy the much cheaper manual extension tubes and still get a full range of apertures and a limited range of metering options.

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