4 Camera Raw tools for image correction you have to start using

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    Sharpening in Camera Raw


    Sharpening in Camera Raw

    Use the Detail tab sliders to fine-tune capture sharpening. ACR’s sharpening sliders work like their counterparts in Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpen/Adjust Sharpness.

    Amount controls the strength of the sharpening effect, and Radius controls how many pixels on either side of edges the effect is applied to.

    Images with lots of fine detail will require lower Radius settings than those with little detail, or noticeable ‘halos’ will appear.

    The Detail and Masking sliders counter the effects of the first two. Detail suppresses halos in the same way as Unsharp Mask’s Threshold slider, enabling you to focus sharpening on edges (0 is the strongest setting). This means you can use a higher Amount setting without generating halos.

    The Masking slider controls an edge mask that protects non-edge areas from sharpening: at the 0 setting there’s no protection for non-edge areas, where the sharpening process exacerbates noise.

    Hold down [Alt]/[Option] at 100% zoom for a grayscale preview as you use the sliders.

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