New photo ideas for shooting woodland landscapes

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    Photo Ideas for Woodland Landscapes: make some noise


    Photo Ideas for Woodland Landscapes: make some noise

    Add atmosphere and texture to your woodland shots by shooting at high ISOs or adding a film grain effect

    Normally, you’d shoot landscapes at the lowest ISO setting to avoid digital noise, but you can use the noise created by high ISO settings to add atmosphere to your woodland images.

    The ISO 
that you need to set for the noise to become visible will depend on your camera, but try starting at ISO1600.

    The multi-coloured nature of high-ISO noise often isn’t considered as attractive as old-fashioned film grain, so you might prefer to add convincing film-grain effects in Photoshop CS or Elements.

    To produce a more film-like effect, go to Filter>Artistic> Film Grain in Photoshop CS3 or Elements 9 (or later) and adjust the amount to suit your image.

    PAGE 1: Using blur
    PAGE 2: Shooting silhouettes
    PAGE 3: Shooting upwards
    PAGE 4: Adding noise


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