New photo ideas for shooting woodland landscapes

New photo ideas for shooting woodland landscapes

Photo Ideas for Woodland Landscapes: shoot a silhouette


Landscape Photo Ideas: shoot a silhouette

For a ‘perfect’ landscape you would normally try to get detail in both the sky and the foreground, but you’ll 
also find that the strong, dominant shapes of trees against the sky work well in silhouette.

Exposing for a silhouette is pretty straightforward, although many modern multi-segment metering systems will try to balance the exposure automatically between the sky and foreground.

Using this type of metering you may find that you need to set the camera to under-expose – do this by dialling-in -0.5 or -1 EV of Exposure Compensation.

PAGE 1: Using blur
PAGE 2: Shooting silhouettes
PAGE 3: Shooting upwards
PAGE 4: Adding noise


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