DoF defined: controlling depth of field in photography

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    Subject distance vs depth of field


    DoF vs subject distance: subject near to the camera

    Subject near to the camera

    If you’ve ever tried macro or close-up photography you’ll have noticed that depth of field becomes very restricted when subjects are very near to the camera.

    As a result, small apertures are required to get close subjects sharp from front to back.

    DoF vs subject distance: subject far from the camera

    With very close subjects it’s impossible to get them completely sharp and a technique called ‘focus stacking’ maybe employed.

    This involves shooting a sequence of images, each with the focus at a different point. The images are then merged so that only the sharp part of each shot is used so the subject is completely sharp in the final composite image.

    However, not all macro photography has to be 100% sharp, some subjects such as flowers look great when shot close-up and with very shallow depth of field.

    PAGE 1: What is depth of field?
    PAGE 2: Controlling depth of field via your aperture
    PAGE 3: Controlling DoF by focal length
    PAGE 4: Subject distance and depth of field
    PAGE 5: Using all three factors to control DoF


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