DoF defined: controlling depth of field in photography

DoF vs subject distance: subject far from the camera

Controlling DoF by focal length


Depth of field vs subject distance: 40mm


At any given aperture, depth of field gets shallower as focal length increases and vice versa.

This is especially useful to landscape photographers who often shoot with wideangle lenses to include a wide vista as the short focal length results in greater depth of field.

Depth of field vs subject distance: 60mm


If you want to restrict DoF to make your subject stand out more, consider mounting a longer lens on your camera, or using the zoom to set a longer focal length.

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PAGE 2: Controlling depth of field via your aperture
PAGE 3: Controlling DoF by focal length
PAGE 4: Subject distance and depth of field
PAGE 5: Using all three factors to control DoF


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