Raw Editing: what you need to know about white balance correction

Raw Editing: what you need to know about white balance correction

Common questions about correcting white balance in raw files


How do I adjust multiple images?

To apply a WB adjustment to multiple shots, open them in Filmstrip mode. In Elements, open one shot in the main window, click ‘Select All’ at the top of the Filmstrip then adjust the open image. All the changes you make will applied to all the other shots too.

Under Photoshop, adjust one shot as required, then click Select All’ >‘Synchronise. Select White Balance as the setting to apply to the others.

How to get more accurate white balance settings

How do I get more accurate white balance settings?

Use a photographic grey card. One method is to take a shot with the card filling the frame, and use this to set a custom white balance in-camera; Adobe Camera Raw will then apply this as the default ‘As Shot’ setting.

Alternatively, just take a shot of the card in the course of the shoot (make sure it receives light from the same source as the subject you’re shooting).

Open this photo in Adobe Camera Raw, and click on its grey tone with the White Balance Tool. You can then apply this adjustment to the rest of the shoot.

Can white balance be used creatively?

Colour casts can of course be used to evoke an atmosphere. A subtle warm glow can liven up pale skin or create a summertime feel in a landscape.

Cool blue casts can produce a more moody atmosphere and are great for urban landscapes, or for creating a character portrait with a brooding, detached feel. There’s no fast or easier way than Adobe Camera Raw to add such creative tints!

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