Creative Focus: camera tips for static to spontaneous subjects

Creative Focus: camera tips for static to spontaneous subjects

Tips for controlling focus


Tips for controlling focus

Focus in advance
Half-depress the shutter button and get focusing locked on well in advance. Should the subject move, keep with it and lock the focal point to a specific feature, such as the subject’s eye. Remember, practice most definitely makes perfect.

Use the joystick

For many newer DSLRs the joystick on the rear is not only for menu selection, but for switching AF points too. The focus point can be selected by pressing the joystick inwards and moving it with the thumb accordingly, all while you look through the viewfinder.

Micro adjustments

Cameras now come with micro adjustment features to ensure each lens doesn’t suffer from focusing inconsistencies. Test yours out by downloading a ‘moire’ pattern and ensuring that your lenses are working at optimum performance.

Image stabilisation

Give your lens an even easier time when focusing by using IS modes – but remember that it can also ruin images. If panning a moving subject, engage the correct IS mode to stop the camera correcting your horizontal movements.

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