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    Get the eyes sharp


    Camera focus techniques: how to get the eyes and face sharp

    The eyes are the crucial element of any portrait, and unless you’re breaking the rules for creative effect, it’s essential to get them sharp. The eyes are the main focal point of your composition and the way your viewer will make a connection with the subject. Follow these simple steps below and you will be in good position to get your subject’s eyes in focus every time.

    How to get the eyes and face sharp: Step 1

    Use the Mode dial to select Av mode
    To throw your backdrop out of focus, or isolate specific parts of a face, such as the eyes, create a shallow depth of field. Do this by selecting Aperture Priority mode and picking your lens’s widest aperture – f/2.8, for example.


    How to get the eyes and face sharp: Step 2

    Get choosy about which AF point you use
    Modern SLRs have loads of Autofocus (AF) points, so make use of them. After composing an image, use the viewfinder and scroll through the available AF points. Choose a single point that covers the subject’s closest eye.


    How to get the eyes and face sharp: Step 3

    Focus your shot, then fire away…
    Lightly press the shutter release and the lens focuses. The area marked by your AF point should be sharply focused, so take the shot. Focus is critical with shallow depth of field, so take lots of shots to get what you need.

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    PAGE 2: Set up for spot-on focus
    PAGE 3: Get the eyes sharp
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