Creative Focus: camera tips for static to spontaneous subjects

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    Three simple ways to ensure spot-on focus


    3 ways to ensure spot-on camera focus: Step 1

    Choose your focus mode
    Think about your subject and set the focusing mode to suit. If the subject is constantly moving, even by a small amount, select continuous focusing (AI Focus). When working with limited depths of field, critical focus is absolutely crucial to image success.


    3 ways to ensure spot-on camera focus: Step 2

    Select your focus point
    Think about your subject 
matter and then select the most appropriate focal point. Is the subject in the centre of the frame or off to one side? An inaccurately positioned focal point will ruin the shot, so think about this before raising the camera to your eye.


    3 ways to ensure spot-on camera focus: Step 3

    Don’t forget Live View
    For static subjects, Live View is 
by far the best way to ensure focus lock. Set your lens to Manual Focus (MF), focus and then refocus, ensuring the 
screen really snaps into critical sharpness before tightening down the tripod for extra stability.

    PAGE 1: Ways to focus your camera
    PAGE 2: Set up for spot-on focus
    PAGE 3: Get the eyes sharp
    PAGE 4: Focus on off-centre subjects
    PAGE 5: Tips for controlling focus


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