Landscape photo ideas: clever ways to shoot flat, lowland terrain

Landscape Photo Ideas

Light the foreground


Landscape Photo Ideas: use a flash to light the foreground

Try using a flash to brighten up the landscape when shooting in dark or overcast conditions

Landscape photography is usually all about capturing the best natural light, but you can also add some extra light to help nature along.

Try using a separate flashgun or even your camera’s built-in flash to light up the foreground of your images.

Landscape Photo Ideas: use a flash to light the foreground

Obviously, the light from your flash can’t compete with the brightness of a sunny day, or light up the whole landscape, so you need to find the right conditions for this technique to work successfully.

A dark, stormy day, or a sunrise or sunset, are ideal times to try flash in your landscapes, as the lower light levels mean that the light from your flash has a more obvious effect.

Even the most powerful flash will only light the foreground of your shot, so choose a scene that has a suitable subject close to the camera.


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