DSLR Video Recording: HD movies and what you absolutely have to know

HD Movies: essential DSLR video techniques

What are the key DSLR video controls?

Here’s a hands-on guide to your DSLR’s key HD movie-making features. To view the larger version of this cheat sheet, click on the infographic to expand the file. Or drag and drop it to your desktop.

DSLR video cheat sheet: find out which controls to use to make better HD movies with your camera

PAGE 1: Common questions about DSLR video recording
PAGE 2: A simple setup for shooting DSLR video
PAGE 3: What are they key DSLR video controls?
PAGE 4: How to pace your HD movies?
PAGE 5: What are frame rates?


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  • vdomkr

    DSLR shooting is and has always been a joke. I understand why one would want to as far as sensor size, etc, but the Canon C100 makes it possible to throw your DSLR in the trash and no longer have to worry about limited record times, audio, etc.