DSLR Video Recording: HD movies and what you absolutely have to know

HD Movies: essential DSLR video techniques

A simple set up for shooting DSLR video

Shooting a DSLR video is a straightforward process. Here are the three basic steps to follow…

How to set up your camera to shoot DSLR video: step 1

Select Movie mode
First of all, put your camera into Movie mode. On some cameras you’ll need to do this by turning the top mode dial to the filming symbol. The next step is to focus on the scene by lightly pressing the shutter-release button.


How to set up your camera to shoot DSLR video: step 2

Start recording
Make sure you’re within range 
to pick up sound, then press the record button – this is usually indicated by a red dot on the camera body. A red dot will also appear on screen to show that you’ve started recording. Press the button again to stop recording.


How to set up your camera to shoot DSLR video: step 3

Check the movie
Finally, play your clip back so that you can check that it’s recorded in the way that you were expecting. You will be able to perform very basic edits in-camera, but you’ll have far more flexibility and control over your movie if you do this in video-editing software later.

PAGE 1: Common questions about DSLR video recording
PAGE 2: A simple setup for shooting DSLR video
PAGE 3: What are they key DSLR video controls?
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  • vdomkr

    DSLR shooting is and has always been a joke. I understand why one would want to as far as sensor size, etc, but the Canon C100 makes it possible to throw your DSLR in the trash and no longer have to worry about limited record times, audio, etc.