Behind The Image: David Clapp’s moonlight moorland obsession

Behind The Image: David Clapp's moonlight moorland obsession

In a new series of weekend guest blogs on Digital Camera World, professional travel and landscape photographer David Clapp will be sharing the stories behind how he made some of his favourite images. Sometimes it will be how he processed a photo; other times it will be how he simply got to his location in one piece! In his latest post, the Getty contributor tells us how an ongoing project shooting Dartmoor in moonlight keeps him grounded in his photographic roots.

How to bounce light and lift shadows from your subject’s face

Use a reflector to bounce light back up

With nice weather there is always the temptation to go outside and shoot outdoor portraits. But unfortunately with nice weather you get strong light, which can prove just as great a challenge for photographers as rain and bad weather. This is because of the harsh shadows it casts under eyes and chins. Below is a simple method you can use to bounce light back on to your subject’s face, and a metering technique to help you get a spot-on exposure.