Maternity Photography Ideas: 17 tips for pregnancy photos she’ll cherish forever

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    17. Take it lying down


    Maternity Photography Ideas: frame her lying down

    To make pregnancy photos work with the subject on their back, the mum-to-be needs quite a big bump. In this shot I used the mother’s hands to frame the bump.

    If the bump seems quite small you can place a small pillow under the subjects back out of shot and have the legs leaning slightly to the right to raise the bump up higher.

    Remember do not ask the subject to look back at the camera, as this will cause creases in her forehead. If you want to get her eyes looking into the camera, move to the right.

    PAGE 1: Maternity photography tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: Use light and shadow creatively
    PAGE 3: Include her partner
    PAGE 4: Use soft, natural light
    PAGE 5: Cover her arms
    PAGE 6: Take it lying down


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