Maternity Photography Ideas: 17 tips for pregnancy photos she’ll cherish forever

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    16. Cover up her arms in your pregnancy photos


    Maternity Photography Ideas: cover up her arms in your pregancy photos

    Another area of the body which women tend to get sensitive about in their pregnancy photos is their arms. This is because many women put on extra weight in their arms during pregnancy, and they don’t want this being the first thing people notice in their maternity photography.

    The best way to overcome this sensitivity is to ensure the tops of their arms are covered with a scarf or a long-sleeved top.

    Also do not have the subject place their arms down by their sides; get them to either create space in your pregnancy photos by asking your subjects to put their hands on their hips or above their head.

    Most women find it hard to look straight into the camera and will feel more at ease looking off or away from your lens, so don’t be afraid to experiment with side-profile shots in your maternity photography.

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    PAGE 2: Use light and shadow creatively
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