Maternity Photography Ideas: 17 tips for pregnancy photos she’ll cherish forever

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    15. Soft, natural light works best for maternity photography


    Maternity Photography Ideas: soft, natural light works best for pregnancy photos

    Natural light is probably my favourite type of light for maternity photography. It is soft, flattering and very effective for capturing even skin tones and conveying a tranquil mood.

    I knew the subject of this shoot wanted a bit of a twist with her maternity photography and asked me to shoot some underwear shots to show off her bump. However, she also felt very self-conscious about being in front of the camera.

    To help put her at ease I included a piece of white voile to hold up in front of her and used only natural light from behind to create this soft, light and airy image.

    I angled her to the side so we could fully see the size of her bump and allowed the light to blow slightly at the back to distract from her hips, bum and tops of legs.

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    PAGE 2: Use light and shadow creatively
    PAGE 3: Include her partner
    PAGE 4: Use soft, natural light
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