Maternity Photography Ideas: 17 tips for pregnancy photos she’ll cherish forever

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    13. Use light and shadow creatively in your pregnancy photos


    Maternity Photography Ideas: use light and shadow creatively in your pregnancy photos

    The lighting in any image is what makes a great picture, and this is especially true for pregnancy photos.

    Over the years I have found that moody light will not only help to create a pleasing atmosphere but distract attention away from the parts of their bodies most pregnant women are sensitive about in their maternity photography. In my experience taking pregnancy photos, this is usually the tops of legs and bums.

    This image was lit with one soft box set on continuous light put slightly to the left of the subject. The depth of the shadows helps to evoke a dramatic feel and creates an image which is as much about the subject as it is about her bump.

    I think it is important to listen to a woman’s concerns about being photographed and then use the light to reflect her emotionally.

    PAGE 1: Maternity photography tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: Use light and shadow creatively
    PAGE 3: Include her partner
    PAGE 4: Use soft, natural light
    PAGE 5: Cover her arms
    PAGE 6: Take it lying down


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