Raw Tuesday: how to rescue a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw

Raw Tuesday: how to rescue a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw

Graduated Filter settings

How to apply graduated adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw


How to apply graduated filter settings in Adobe Camera Raw

01 Gradient lines
The full effect of the adjustment you configure is applied to the area above the green dashed line, while the area below the red dashed line is unaffected; the distance between these lines determines how gradual or abrupt the gradient effect is. Hold down Shift while dragging to snap the lines horizontally, vertically or to 45 degrees.

02 Exposure
The Exposure slider enables you to lighten or darken the area affected by the graduated filter. The values correspond to EVs.

03 White Balance
In Adobe Camera Raw 7, which is available with Photoshop CS6, the Graduated Filter has a few additional sliders, including the option to adjust the white balance of the area covered by the filter; this can be useful for balancing scenes with different colour temperatures.

04 Noise reduction
The Noise Reduction slider is also new in ACR 7. It’s particularly useful if using the Graduated Filter to lighten an underexposed area, as this can exacerbate noise, particularly in areas of smooth tones such as skies.

05 Saturation
Skies will often benefit from an increase in colour saturation. You can use the Saturation slider for this (there’s no Vibrance slider).

06 New
You can add as many graduated filters as you like, either by checking ‘New’ or simply by drawing more lines.

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